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Pool Synergy Volume 10 “Support”

Before we begin all of the scholarly deliciousness of this month’s pool synergy I just want to take a moment to say thank you to a few people. First and foremost to John Biddle who got me started here in this incredible initiative. I would also especially like thank everyone who has submitted articles up to this point and most importantly to the people who submitted this month. Unfortunately our NY friends Jerry T Alison Fischer and G Squared Gail Glazebrook will not be able to submit and their literary presence will be sorely missed. And Now On To The Good Stuff !!

This month we have a a great topic in the form of “Support”. This of course can mean friends and family, mentors and teachers, sponsors etc. Anyone or anything that you found to be helpful in your game. I find this topic to be relevant within my own life as I have  a massive support structure. I know when choosing pool or cue sports as a path it is normally the path less traveled and people can scoff or not understand our motives or reasoning. But for those that do understand and lend their knowledge, their love, and most importantly their support it can be something special and I think you all know what I mean.

First up this month is a guest writer, Steve Kurtz. A straight pool aficionado and player Steve brings many insights from his own life into his article. Though short and sweet for his first time out of the box I felt it was a good introduction to Steve as his article mimics his own demeanor which can be soft spoken at times. Though he may appear to be mild mannered and quiet he is a force to be reckoned with on the table and know the game inside and out.

You can view his post below this article as I am guest hosting him this month.

Markus Hofstaetter is an accomplished pool player, writer, and of course photographer. His images regarding pool and billiards have been a massive inspiration to myself and many others as we trek across this incredible landscape that is cue sports as a whole.

You can view his article here

Next up a woman who needs no introduction, the lovely Samm Diep. I had the pleasure of spending some time with Samm at the 2010 Super Billiards Expo and let me tell you folks you will be hard pressed to find someone as genuine and caring as Samm. I can still hear her yelling at me to get some sleep. Of course that was right after she robbed me for five dollars at scotch straight pool though lol. In her article this month Samm reflects on her loyal sponsors and supporters and how grateful she is to have them. She asks that to support her you support them as well. Her article can be viewed here

(Photo Courtesy of Anne Craig from Melinda’s Blog)

Ladies and gentleman, the one, the only, MELINDA – AKATRIGGER as she is more commonly known on the AZBilliards Forums. Rumored to be married to Jay Helfert with 17 children running around Melinda’s article this month is about finding support when you didnt think any was there. Like you all I always look forward to reading anything from Melinda and this article is no exception which can be seen here

This photo of course of our next writer does them no justice I simply couldn’t find a picture of Poolriah!! When asked for a summary of his article for the month this is what he had to say. “my support system is made up of my friend, various players i’ve encountered, pool on tv, and the internet.  i’ve learned, and continue to learn, about pool through this support system”. I look forward to reading and hope you all will as well. The article can read here

When asked to give a description of his article for this month’s edition Mr. Dyer got back to me with an awesome idea that I truly look forward to reading. Like everything else in life history always plays a roll and Billiards is no stranger to its fair share of history and stories.

“Instead of writing about someone who supports me, I’m writing about the wing man of the great nine-ball player, Wimpy Lassiter. That’s person was named Don Willis, a native of Ohio. Willis and Lassiter spent 15 years on the road together. Lassiter became famous at the Johnston City tournaments and is revered today as one of the greatest ever of our sport. Willis was a behind-the-scenes road player, but still one of the most difficult to beat in the nation. In fact, the Lassiter and Willis partnership grew out of a startling defeat that Willis pasted on Lassiter sometime after World War II.”

His story can be read here

This month our fearless leader John Biddle told me when asked for a summary that as a serious recreational player his support system is himself. “I’ll be writing that my support is just myself.  I have no trainer, coach, training partner or other person that I work with.  I’m self taught, mainly through books and many games with better players.  I have taken a very few short group lessons, but nothing steady.  My deep love of the game and my competitive nature are the drivers, but my lack of progress lately, combined with issues in my non-pool life that have taken my eye off the game are getting in the way, so I struggle”.

His article can be seen here

Mike Fieldhammer’s article this month shows us the value of team support. I know playing for an APA Team the value of this support. In my opinion this is one of the best kinds of support as it can rally a team or an individual player to play their best matches possible. It makes them feel supported and confident and capable of anything they set their mind to. I am extremely happy Mike chose this sub section of support as it truly shows what our sport should be all about, that you can be competitive while still having a good natured demeanor and team oriented values.

You can see his article here


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