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Steve Kurtz Guest Writer for Pool Synergy Volume 10 “Support”

(Photo Courtesy of Charles Eames CME-IMAGES)


By Steve Kurtz

Over the years of playing pool I have always had a very strong support group, first and foremost I had very positive Support from my Mother & Father. Many a night Mom would wait up for me, just to hear all the stories I had for her from that night of play. Whether it be a tournament or just friendly play, mom just loved to hear about my progress in the game that I loved. The same goes for my Father, Dad would love to watch me play. I would often bring home videos that I had recorded of myself practicing, Dad being an old school pool player himself would be able to call out my end patterns in straight pool before I even got to the table. It always felt good to me that a could actually play an old school style of game that he could recognize from yesteryear, one that I have always told myself that I wish I could.

Since Mom & Dad have passed I no longer have their support, although I always will inside my heart. What I do have is the support of my beautiful wife Heather, and Best Friend and Brother Charles Eames. The both of them give me the push that I need to bring it to the next level, especially from Charlie. He keeps me on the top of my game, because if I back off not only will he recognize it, but he will sure capitalize on it when it’s his turn at the table.

I try to be supportive of all of my friends, and aspiring pool players. I believe that is that which keeps the game growing through the generations. There is nothing wrong with giving someone a pat on the back, and telling them “Good Game” or “You Played That Perfect”. It is at that point you will start to feel better about yourself, better yourself, and without a doubt better the sport.


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