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Cue Nine Sets Dates For EVEN MORE EVENTS !!!

It would appear that the owner of the newly renovated Cue Nine Billiards is sparing no expense to show the world of pool that Cue Nine is THE room to see and be seen. Sporting a brand new bar, plasma TV’s for all sports events, an awesome menu with some exciting and unexpected entrees, and now the announcement of the VIKING TOUR making its way to Levittown. This news comes of course right after the announcement of the Qualifier being held for the 70th World Straight Pool Championships put on of course by Dragon Promotions and the Predator Group. In the eyes of this blogger CUE NINE BILLIARDS is going to be the spot for the upcoming season. After speaking with owner John Brendle and son Johnathon you can really tell that the bar and restaurant side of the business is not the only side. They truly care about the players and kept them in the fore front of their minds during the planning of this billiards mecca. Its a place where amateurs can mix it up with some of the best in not only the state but the country and world. Beautiful Gold Crowns are adorned with brand new Simonis 860 and Centennial Balls. New light fixtures hang over the tables ready to shine on every shot.

One of the exciting events coming up of course is the Viking Tour which is an event comprised of five tournaments in four days. I asked Johnathon Brendle what he thought about the events and he basically let on that Cue Nine is going to be “Action Central”. Some of the best local and non local talent will be in attendance vying for all of the incredible $5000 added prize money.

Next up of course is the qualifier for the 70th Annual World Straight Pool Championships. This event is very important to me as it was my first pro event that I was actually “invited” to play in. In attendance were my heroes, the people I have tried to model my game after every day. People like Steve Lipsky, Danny Barouti, Charlie Williams, Mika Immonen, and many more. These are people that you can literally purchase dvds of. Cue Nine Billiards is offering you the chance to play with these greats. For the entry fee of $105.00 you can take your chance at greatness and enter this double elimination event where the top two players will qualify for the main event in Clifton NJ.

With all of this going on you are going to be hard pressed to find a more exciting place to be this season than Cue Nine Billiards. I look forward to seeing what else is in store as owner John Brendle assures me he has some more tricks up his sleeve.


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