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John Schmidt Wows NY Crowd in Exhibition

John Schmidt Wows NY Crowd

Once again John Schmidt wowed a crowd of approximately 40-50 people on Wednesday night at Cue Nine Billiards Bar and Restaurant in Levittown NY. Accompanied by his lovely girlfriend Nancy who was all smiles and extremely friendly during the exhibition, you can truly tell she cares about what John does and who he is doing it for and to see him in his element was pure joy.  On to John, John walked in out of the cold and without a single warm up stroke ran 160 balls in straight pool. Now 160 balls is a massive feat in itself and one that some people in their lifetime will never achieve but to do it cold is almost unfathomable. The onlookers were overjoyed as each rack ended and as John got closer and closer to the hundred each rack would end with a thunderous applause. Now for the best part, as John was shooting whether it was ball one or ball one hundred he spoke to onlookers, answered questions, made jokes, and imparted massive amounts of knowledge to the crowd huddled around the table at Cue Nine. It just goes to show how much class John has and how much he truly cares for our sport and its players. Each question that was asked was met with a knowledgeable and positive response as John’s patience seemed almost limitless. Ball after ball continued to go in the pockets as spectators looked on speechless. After asking around it turns out most of the people watching Schmidt had never seen a player of that caliber in person and it was visibly noticeable on their faces. The looks of awe and jaws wide open were proof enough that something special was taking place right in Levittown NY.

After the incredible straight pool run John went on to show some of his eight ball, nine ball, and one pocket knowledge with some amazing shots geared towards players of any speed to help get them out of trouble in game situations. Simple things that most pros know if not all but the beginning player may overlook. Positional shots, safeties, banks, and more were on the list as players would cheer as each shot went in its pre determined hole.

Even after all of this, a massive straight pool run, in game shot showcase, question and answers, John then proceeded to take out two Fury Cues (John’s Sponsor) and played challenge matches with the crowd to give them away. Each player that won was elated to not only go home with an incredible story but to also take home an amazing keepsake from John Schmidt himself. The world of professional pool is lucky to have someone like John Schmidt and of course to have a company out there like Fury to help him keep doing what he does best. Play pool.

Cue Nine room owner John Brendle and CME-IMAGES owner Charles Eames were both extremely pleased with the turn out of the event and the fact that John hit 160 balls. We can only look forward to more and more events of this nature as time goes on with more and more star players as they come to the area. Once again Cue Nine room owner John Brendle and CME – IMAGES owner Charles Eames would like to thank all of their players and patrons and of course to John Schmidt and his lovely girlfriend Nancy for making the trip to Cue Nine.


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December Pool Synergy “Favorites” Great Topic From Melinda

December Pool Synergy

This month the wonderful Melinda “AKATRIGGER” has given us a topic that is in my opinion overlooked by many players and it involves the media side of things. From the written word to the moving picture these captured ideas, matches, stories, etc. can be some of the greatest tools in your arsenal and when push comes to shove it could mean the difference between a win and a loss. We were asked to pick our favorites which for me with a collection of well over 150-200 pool matches on dvd was like choosing which child I love more. No I don’t have any kids as of yet but you can understand my apprehension at choosing just one. I mean who can forget the 2007 Turning Stone Event where Dennis Hatch put the smack down on Mika Immonen and shot around a .990 Accu Stat Rating, or more importantly when Mika won the US Open back to back. So I had to look at my game as a whole, where it started, where it is now, and as many of you know I have become obsessed with the game of straight pool for so many reasons. That is why I chose the DVD that I chose. That DVD is John Schmidt on Straight Pool where he runs well over 100 balls and then proceeds to walk you through the run.

There are so many reasons I chose this dvd. Number one first and foremost is that I watch and rewatch it to try and pick up something different that he may have done to get better position or to nudge a possible break ball or key ball. The second reason is because John isn’t afraid to admit that he got out of line. He just kicks himself for it for a minute and then gets right back to the task at hand showing that even the best players in the world have to adapt from time to time. John’s game has been a massive inspiration to me and I am sure a lot of other people and this dvd is no exception. If I know I am going to be playing straight pool that day or that night for league or a tournament, or even just a practice session with a friend, this is my go to dvd to get me ready.

The main reason however why I choose this DVD is because John has become a personal friend of mine and I speak from experience as to just how personable he is and how much he loves this sport. I remember at Valley Forge last year during the inaugural 14.1 Challenge he ran a 204 on an unforgiving nine foot diamond pro am. The run in itself did not shock me as I had seen John post some massive numbers before (hence the moniker of Mr. 400) but the fact that he was talking to members of the crowd that had amassed just to watch him play. Rack after rack he would literally talk to people in the crowd, talk to me, talk to Bill Maropoulis who was on retainer for the week to rack for John. It was incredible. He would answer questions before and after innings and talk to anyone who he came in contact with. This to me is the definition of a professional. Someone who can balance not only playing at the level he does but manages to be so charismatic while doing it. Someone who can not only run 100 balls but acknowledge his fans with the utmost respect and regard no matter the situation.

I have so many other favorite pool dvds, way too many to list however I will give a shout out to two amazing players who I love to watch. Tony Robles and Mika Immonen. Tony has built an incredible reputation as the nicest guy in pool and I couldn’t agree more. Whether it be in his Predator Nine Ball Tour Events or his new Pool League Tony is nothing short of gracious and a class act. His demeanor is always professional and positive and he exudes an energy that people around him can definitely pick up. He also plays a very mean game and one match in particular that sticks out in my head is when he played Rafael Martinez who as well all know is no slouch. Tony was on fire and it looked as though it would take a Mack Truck driven by Mosconi himself to stop him.

Photo Courtesy of Charles Eames (CME-IMAGES)

Mika Immonen. Need I say more? The man is a living icon in our sport. Back to back US Open titles with a 13 match streak from the loser’s side to win the 2009 US Open. Mika is a champion in every sense of the word and it’s quite easy to see how he gained his nickname “The Iceman”. With a cold stare that seems to go right through you he attacks the table with the calm and collected demeanor of a ninja just waiting for his moment to strike. I had the honor of playing against Mika in the World Straight Pool Championships last year and although I have played with some of the biggest names in our sport I was very intimidated playing him. Knowing that I was up against the number one ranked player in the world and knowing that he was examining every shot I took was extremely nerve racking. Amazingly enough though through all of that off the table Mika is a very friendly person and is down right funny when he wants to be. As I said earlier Mika is a champion and I know of no better way to say it.

To finish this article I would like to thank the world of professional pool, not just the amazing players but people like Pat Fleming and Justin Collett from TAR who produce incredible dvd’s and pool related products. I would like to thank the people who live stream events as it truly is the future. Most importantly I would like to thank all those who support and sponsor our sport because without most of us would be terrible bowlers !!!

Happy Holidays from the Forumghost !!!

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