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In Preparation for The Predator Tour (Stop Number 2) Cue Nine brings in Table Mechanic Steve Gephart !!

In preparation for the Predator Tour’s upcoming second stop at Cue Nine in Levittown NY, room owner John Brendle has brought in table mechanic Steve Gephart of Slates Billiards Services. Steve’s credits include Sandcastle Billiards, Society Billiards, and Atlantic City Billiards just to name a few and his work truly does speak for itself. When asked about the move to bring in Steve, John simply said ” I want everything to be in the best condition possible for the Predator Tour stop two weeks from now”. The plan is to have Steve go over all of the tables in the next week or two with a fine toothed comb to look for any issues and fix whatever he finds with a special focus on ensuring the tables are absolutely level. Tables are being dismantled and the slates re-leveled.

The Predator Tour players will be treated to incredible conditions both on and off the table as Cue Nine recently re-launched over the last weekend with the addition of celebrity chef Mark Bynum’s new menu including favorites like St. Louis Ribs, Kung Pao Rock Shrimp, Sliders, Hellfire Wings, and so much more not to mention an incredible new drink menu and bottle service.

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