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Another Awesome Edition of Pool Synergy.

Hey Guys as you know tournaments are a vital piece of the puzzle for amateur and professional players alike. Take the Super Billiards Expo for example that just ended this past weekend where amateur and professional players fought hard to win their respective events. In this month’s issue we are going to find out what kind of preparation goes into winning these matches. When I offered to host for this month I gave a wide open topic of tournament preparation. I also opened up the idea to league play as well as important matches etc. What goes into making a great tournament experience for you as a player. Let’s find out !!! I want to apologize for the lack of Pizazz on the page for this month’s Pool Synergy but I just got back from Valley Forge and have not had a chance to do anything but sleep a little go to work go to class and cover the event at Amsterdam Billiards for NYCGRIND.COM.

First up this month is Jake Dyer. The link to his article titled “17 Expert Tourney Tips” can be found here at

I look forward myself to reading some of these tips and hope you all enjoy them as much as I know I am going to.


Second of course is Mr. Poolriah himself and you can see his article here at


each person has a way to prepare for a tournament.  my version involves seven steps.

1. define your mission parameters ASAP

2. plan your trip e~a~r~l~y

3. do advanced scouting

4. get plenty of rest throughout the tournament

5. eat lean to stay mean

6. stay loose

7. focus on the task


Up next is Mr. John Biddle our fearless leader with his take on Tournament Prep !

You can of course view his article here at

The summary is that I’m only a league player, not a tournament regular, but these tips will help anyone to give themselves the best chance to play well.


Next up is the lovely and talented Melinda AKATRIGGER !!!

You can view her article here at

In this article Melinda outlines how she creates her own “pool checklist” and sticks to it ! A great article by someone who has great insight to the topic at hand.


Mike Fieldhammer in his article explains how he ties up any loose ends that may be a nagging concern before a big trip and of course tidies up the house before leaving.

You can view his article here


In John Barton’s article he breaks down his tournament prep into 11 sections. View in detail each breakdown here at

1. Equipment

2. Dress

3. Psychology

4. Food

5. Drugs (as in NO drugs)

6. Goals

7. Rules

8. Travel

9. Travel

10. Registration

11. Accomodation

12. Money


Last but certainly not least is the ever radiant Gail Glazebrook who exudes a warmth and caring that you rarely see in people and in my opinion is one of her best qualities!! That and somehow she manages to put up with Tony lol (Sorry Tony jk brother)

Here is the link to Gail’s post



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