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Cue Nine Sets Dates For EVEN MORE EVENTS !!!

It would appear that the owner of the newly renovated Cue Nine Billiards is sparing no expense to show the world of pool that Cue Nine is THE room to see and be seen. Sporting a brand new bar, plasma TV’s for all sports events, an awesome menu with some exciting and unexpected entrees, and now the announcement of the VIKING TOUR making its way to Levittown. This news comes of course right after the announcement of the Qualifier being held for the 70th World Straight Pool Championships put on of course by Dragon Promotions and the Predator Group. In the eyes of this blogger CUE NINE BILLIARDS is going to be the spot for the upcoming season. After speaking with owner John Brendle and son Johnathon you can really tell that the bar and restaurant side of the business is not the only side. They truly care about the players and kept them in the fore front of their minds during the planning of this billiards mecca. Its a place where amateurs can mix it up with some of the best in not only the state but the country and world. Beautiful Gold Crowns are adorned with brand new Simonis 860 and Centennial Balls. New light fixtures hang over the tables ready to shine on every shot.

One of the exciting events coming up of course is the Viking Tour which is an event comprised of five tournaments in four days. I asked Johnathon Brendle what he thought about the events and he basically let on that Cue Nine is going to be “Action Central”. Some of the best local and non local talent will be in attendance vying for all of the incredible $5000 added prize money.

Next up of course is the qualifier for the 70th Annual World Straight Pool Championships. This event is very important to me as it was my first pro event that I was actually “invited” to play in. In attendance were my heroes, the people I have tried to model my game after every day. People like Steve Lipsky, Danny Barouti, Charlie Williams, Mika Immonen, and many more. These are people that you can literally purchase dvds of. Cue Nine Billiards is offering you the chance to play with these greats. For the entry fee of $105.00 you can take your chance at greatness and enter this double elimination event where the top two players will qualify for the main event in Clifton NJ.

With all of this going on you are going to be hard pressed to find a more exciting place to be this season than Cue Nine Billiards. I look forward to seeing what else is in store as owner John Brendle assures me he has some more tricks up his sleeve.


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Women in the US Open Nine Ball Championships

Women In The US Open

By : Charles Eames

Once again the US Open is slowly coming upon us and once again there is much debate over the event. This year however I find this debate to be quite favorable as it involves a very interesting topic. The quintessential battle of the sexes so to speak will play out in October on a nine foot Diamond table to the sound of over two hundred entrants male and female alike. The reason why this is so controversial is a simple one. It is the first year the women are being allowed to compete. In a bold move by tournament promoter and founder Barry Behrman, he has opened the doors of the event wide open to both sexes and has changed the landscape of the tournament in my opinion for the better.

Let’s look at it from a purely monetary standpoint for a moment. How is opening up the field to more players a bad thing?  More players equal bigger prize pools which equals more players in the end which equals more exposure and so on and so forth down the line. How is it possible that this is a bad idea? There are those who would disagree with me and I would not begrudge them their opinion, however I am forced to ask why they would form said opinion. Could it be fear based? Is it the fact that the women of the WPBA have had their own open event in the past and the men have not been allowed to play? Once again I find myself asking this question over and over in my mind when I think about the topic at hand.

Now, take the fear factor for instance. While I understand that people like Mika, Johnny Archer, and Shane may not be quaking in their boots, the top men in the event make up only a small percentage of the event. These “house hold names of pool” so to speak. The others are people who are not top echelon pros. They are people like you and I simply playing in a top tier event for experience, exposure, and to test their skills against players from far and wide. Now take me for instance I don’t consider myself to be an incredible player like Shane or Mika so if I draw Jasmin Ouschan, or Allison Fisher first round I will smile and shake their hands with trepidation and fear knowing that these two women are some of the finest cueists in the world. Not to mention the number of other very qualified candidates like Sarah Rousey, Jeanette Lee, Karen Corr, Ga Young Kim, Xiao Ting Pan, and so many more. There have been statements made online saying that the top women of our sport can’t stand up to the men. Whether or not that is true I know not but I like many others are itching to find out. Mark my words I have a feeling quite a few of the men will be sitting in their chairs down something to the tune of 7-1 wondering how it is they came to that point in time. Being beaten, but much to their dismay, not only being beaten but beaten by a “girl”. Perhaps then it will dawn on them.

In truth I feel the women deserve it. Not just the right to play in the event as it is an open but the chance to show that they are just as skilled, just as powerful, and of course just as determined and disciplined as the men. I personally don’t think this argument will ever find an end but I do think that this is a step in the right direction for professional pool as a whole to show a united front. That the gender line is not just being blurred but rubbed out completely. I know it is the fantasy of most pool players that the powers that be will come together and we as players will be under one governing body. That men and women alike can play in events side by side with one another and that the prize pools will be massive. Well one out of three so far isn’t bad and I applaud Barry Behrman for this decision whatever his reasoning was behind it.

To the incredible women of this sport I salute you. You have taken the initiative and have had your own tour for a number of years in the WPBA as well as quite a number of independent tours. You have tried to step up with the men at every pass and although some tours are men only it has not deterred you. I wish you all the best of luck in the US Open not because you will need it (although we all will in that field) but as one competitor and equal to another. I extend this to you as a sign of friendship and the hope of more events like this to come where we can stand together not as men and women but as pool players united in a common goal.

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Kiss Of Death Web Series Sponsored By Poison Billiard Products is Internet Sensation!

By : Charles Eames

At first glance you would think that the team of Kiss Of Death the BCAPL Team Champions are just six pretty faces that are easily marketable for Poison but I am here to tell you that they are some of the hardest working women in pool amateur and professional alike. If you dont believe me I am sure you could head over to one of the team’s stomping grounds like Amsterdam Billiards or Skyline Billiards and they would be more than happy to play you a few sets. The team is made up of six diverse women whose team dynamic is inspiring to see and something I am sure a lot of other APA, CSI, and other league teams should strive to emulate. They truly care for each other and I think that is the big difference in what makes them both popular with fans and successful in the pool industry as well.

Kiss Of Death Team (Emily Duddy, Michele Li, Borana Andoni, Gail Glazebrook, Olga Gashkova, Alison Fischer)

Gail Glazebrook – Team Captain

Emily Duddy

Alison Fischer (the other Alison Fischer and in this writer’s opinion the better one) Sorry Cuetec

Michele Li

Olga Gashkova

and of course the “Queen B” herself Borana Andoni

The web series follows them as they get ready for Vegas Nationals once again and serves that purpose in showing all of us a little insight into their lives as a team. We see them in competition and in life as friends. The web series is produced by Jerry Tarantola and is extremely well filmed and edited. The music selections are hip, melodic and seem to fit the team’s fresh young approach to the game. In episode 3 we get to hear what is seemingly the team’s new anthem “Raise it Up” by Florence and the Machine. Video for the song can be viewed at

If you are interested in seeing what can be called the future of pool and the face and voice of a new generation with in it then look no further than Kiss of Death. They have recently been contacted by Olhausen Billiards as we learn in episode 5 for a possible sponsorship of the entire team which is to say the least incredible. Emily can be quoted as saying “the new meeting the old” in the episode and it truly seems to echo the team as a whole. A new young team of women taking on all comers including and especially the men in a sport that thrives on solitary success. These women truly break the mold and I am proud to call their team friends. Enough good things cant be said about them and if you are a pool fan you owe it to yourself to check these videos out.

Feel free to view the entire series at


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Good Luck to Heather Kurtz aka HAKurtz Tonight !!

A strong good luck goes out to Heather Kurtz tonight who will be braving the men of Mr. Cues in Lindenhurst NY. This is her first nine ball tournament since committing to pool whole heartedly. Heather has recently with the help of her husband broken her high run in straight pool and has been hitting the tables harder than ever in the hopes of ever improving her game. You may all know her as the bubbly personality at the Super Billiards Expo but this time she is on the other side of the camera looking for the win.

You can view all of her exploits on the table right here at her very own page on facebook.!/pages/Heathers-quest-to-be-a-great-pool-player/109579439071872?ref=ts

Good luck tonight Heather I am sure I speak for everyone when I say we are rooting for you !!!

Heather Kurtz

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Some Photos From the Expo !!

Hey guys a big thanks goes out to Heather Kurtz for taking a lot of the photos while we were there. Will definitely be adding more. Feel free to click on the slideshow to go to a larger view. Enjoy and thanks for viewing !!

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NYCGrind at it again with more coverage of the SBE 14.1 Challenge!!

Hey guys here is the link to the story, try to check out as much as possible as they really are incredibly talented and just overall some great people !!! Thanks to Jerry Alison and everyone else involved.

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Finals of the Super Billiards Expo 14.1 Challenge with some great commentary!!

Here is the link to a great match with some awesome commentary done by yours truly and Steve Kurtz !!

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