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Tournament Results

Here is a good place that people can see some results of tournaments that I have played in.

4/19/10 – Monday Night Handicapped Tournament at Raxx

Well things started off great as I walked through my first two opponents. The first guy I played is known for being one of the better players in the tournament and since it was my first time back to Raxx in quite a while it felt good to make a statement like that early on. I won the match 6 – 4. My next round match I had to give a good guy named Rob three games on the wire in a race to six and all the breaks. Talk about tying my hands a little. Somehow I managed to pull the match out with another 6 – 4 victory. Unfortunately thats where it all ended my next round on the winners side didnt go as planned as I started rushing shots against a very slow player and the round after that I dont even want to talk about lol. On the way home I called my girlfriend who reminded me it was good that I was playing in “Tournament Mode”  again which is good because that means I am playing with more of a purpose than just practicing at the pool hall. Oh well back to the drawing board, I’m looking forward to next week.


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